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Located in Johnston servicing Johnston, Des Moines, Ames and surrounding areas

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We are a located in Johnston, Iowa, we are locally owned and operated. We are a husband and wife team with help from our parents and kids. Been around since 2016 and have grown with the times. We very much support the military and first responders along with there counterparts and family. Along with that we have several items in stock to sell along with the custom orders we make.

Joshua is the one that designs the signs using a Computer design software and then transfers that to the CNC plasma cutter. We have a lot of questions that ask how long the process takes, the number one thing is getting the image into the program the rest is down hill from there. We like getting the ideas from customers and making them into metal, this can be from just simple conversations from customers or chatting about a custom order they want made. He works with customers to be sure what they want before the button is pushed to start the process to cut the signs out.

Val works with customers at the shows, designs the layout and displays when we are at farmers markets, vendor shows, fund raisers, etc. She comes up with many of the ideas for the signs, does the painting, organizing and everything else needed for the signs.

JSV Design will make signs for the wall, can add items to help the sign be outside in your flower bed, garden, etc. You can display the sign inside or outside, we generally leave the sign in raw steel for you or others to finish. We do offer to paint or coat the sign with many different types, you can chat with Valerie about the ways she can customize your sign further. These signs are great for you man cave, she shed, office, home, garage, etc. Some events we have made for signs for are Birthdays, anniversary, address, businesses, vacations homes, make a statement, for fun, warnings, etc. If you can send us an image, sketch one up, explain what you have in mind, etc. we can make the image in the software to show you what he item will closely look like.

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As you have read JSV Design prides themselves on making signs, which are made from 16 Gauge steel. That is just part of the what we do. We have made items ranging from 22 gauge to 1/4" steel to make such things as patterns, replace broken items, mounting plates, tabs, etc. If the item is made from steel we can work with you to make the item. Can make the item from a part you have, a blueprint, a sketch, etc. We can make one of them or several at once. We have different ways of quoting for this type of work. We can quote just a flat out price, or charge by the hour with our metal in stock or you can provide the steel. We have done many items to help with people that need to replace a discontinued item or for there projects.

JSV Design looks forward to working with you, we can chat on the phone, text, email, at events, what ever you feel most comfortable with.

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