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Custom Orders

Here are some items that we have made custom for customers. A custom order can range from a simple sign, to large as we can make. We will let you know we can only make signs up to four foot and four foot at a time, we have and will combine sheets to make a larger sign if needed. Most signs are made from 16 gauge, we can make them at different thickness if requested or needed.

A custom order can come into existence in many ways. We can take your ideas from a simple conversation, an image (such as one from google or a picture), maybe a sketch to help express to use what you would like. For instance you can send me a picture of your car, I will draw over the image, scale to the size you like (we can discuss this), and send you a preview from the software to be sure this is what you desire. We will then get a final price on the project for you, at least half paid before the item is made, then once the image, size, metal, price, and paid will make the item for you. Shipping is extra, we normally meet you somewhere.

If you would like the item to have color, we can discuss that.

We do the quote on normal designs for free.

On all custom signs we do require at least half paid for before the sign is made.

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